Tamara has been performing as a full time professional since 1998. Tamara is a physical comedian who is committed to the work of physically comic characters and to bringing theatre to the people and making it a shared experience that is full of laughter, people really laughing at themselves and the world. Her most famous creation is the loveable nerd Shirlee Sunflower, a character that has delighted and challenged audiences for 13 years.
Tamara trained extensively in physical and devised theatre. She completed a Bachelor of Arts Communication in Theatre and Media at The Charles Sturt University and a Dip. Dell Arte from The Dell Arte International school of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake California. Tamara has performed in over 18 countries in 7 different self-devised productions. Tamara was born and grew up in Australia and after living in some of the worlds most exotic cities, she has now returned to living full time on the Eastern seaboard of Australia.


Comedy/Character Act

Shirlee Sunflower

Shirlee Sunflower is a physical comedian in search of love. Shirlee with her glasses and fluffy yellow shorts will charm her way into your life. She places amazing trust in her audience to perform her quirky and stretchy acrobatic stunts, not to mention her leap of love from a five foot table into a precariously placed bucket of water. Beware as Shirlee entices the audience to join her in going places that they have never been before. Shirlee Sunflower’s search for love is full of laughter and will lighten your day and give you a new found insight into the ways of love and dating. Will she find a man that is prepared to share her feelings about yellow fluffy shorts?


Duo Magic/Comedy/Character Act

Kiki & Pascal

“…deliciously funny, superbly executed comedy. Love has never been so overlooked …”

Abrakastaya is a very magical comedy with a blockbuster romance thrown in for an extremely pleasurable end. We have all heard the term comedy magician, but take your preconceptions and stuff them in your rabbit, cause these two will surprise you.
Kiki and Pascal present astounding big illusion magic and some small ridiculous tricks of there own creation, but all that is secondary to the journey of these funny characters. In the show they live like magician and assistant, but the show is all about what lies beneath. In between the amazing magic you will find yourself thrown into a world of slapstick, dance acrobatics and desire. What does a beautiful, clumsy French not so starlet have to do to win the affections of a stuffy self involved English Magician. You might ask why would she want too? Well, we all have our weaknesses, as you yourself will discover as audience volunteers provide intense love triangles. Add to equation dark boxes, small spaces, knives and blades at every turn and this show is a live action romantic thriller. It has the romantic symbolism of Cassablanca, the craziness of Tom and Jerry and all the thrills and spills of Die Hard. This show is inventive inspiring and hilarious.
You will identify with these characters and their struggles, but most of all you will be impressed by their skill and joy. Abrakastabya is feel good entertainment that will have you in stitches.

“Beautiful magic, but then who really cares, these two are seriously funny and disturbingly crazy, I loved it. “It’s Magic””