Sophie is an Actress, Burlesque dancer, Choreographer, Theatre maker and MC extraordinaire.
She grew up training in classical ballet, contemporary and jazz dance and moved on to pursue acting in her early twenty’s, graduating from “Actors Centre Australia” in 2004 with an Advanced Diploma.
She toured with Bell Shakespeare Company in 2006, with ‘Shorter and Sweeter’ in 2008 and performed in a string of plays, guest roles and TVCs over the years. In 2007 she regularly MC’d at ‘Doctor Sketchies Art Class’ and became interested in burlesque when the acting world was quiet and creativity beckoned. She danced ‘The Burlesque Ball’ that year and her burlesque has ran side by side with her MC and acting careers ever since. Recent acting credits include play ‘The Burlesque Effect’ at The Newtown Theatre, ‘Tricky Business’, ‘Packed to the Rafters’ and ‘TRASH’ (TV pilot). And her Legs 11.11 burlesque credits include ‘The Australian Burlesque Festival’, ‘The Gorelesque Festival’, ‘The Jurassic Lounge’, ‘Harry Potter and the Curse of the Tassel Twirl’ (Gallery Burlesque), Pretty Peepers and the Rocks Market Bizarre.



Sophie MC

In 2007 Sophie regularly MC’d ‘Doctor Sketchies Art Class’ in Sydney. She has MC’d fundraisers, private functions and Burlesque nights ever since.
Recent MC characters include: The Queen of Hearts & Helena ‘Bottom’ Carter for ‘Timania’ (Gallery Burlesque), Fran Fine ‘The Nanny’ for ‘Doppelganger Dames, the 2nd Daming’ (Gallery Burlesque) and Angelina Jolie for ‘Doppelganger Dames 3’, a part of Sydney Fringe 2012.
She also MC’s as herself and can quite confidently take on a character, being a strong character actress.

Burlesque Acts

Sofie Alien Burlesque


Arnold Schwarzenegger would not refuse this 3 breasted Alien! In this act, Legs 11.11 joins supernatural forces with Wendy Phantasia, Melbourne based award winning Face & Body Artist, to create the sexiest Extra Terrestrial to ever hit the Burlesque scene. Legs 11.11 dressed & painted as a drop dead gorgeous Alien is looking for her blind date here on planet Earth. Just as she thinks she’s been stood up, a space ship arrives to her relief. She prepares to greet her date by taking off her Earthling disguise and dancing raunchily to the Prodigy’s ‘Outta Space’. Then our poor Alien is attacked by creatures from Outta Space! She puts up a fight by pulling out her secret weapon!! But after a brutal battle, she is lasered to death, oozing green blood from her third breast and dying a deeply dramatic death. The music in this act has been beautifully remixed by DJ Wodger Want, mixing popular sci-fi songs that will rev up every crowd. Performed at the Australian Burlesque Festival in Melbourne 2012.


Sophie - Neo Act


A beautiful Victorian Lady pushes an old fashioned pram. The baby cries, she lifts him out and comforts him. A cloud comes over and the lady starts to get frightened. Invisible Dracula, randomly takes off her jacket arm & parts of her dress. Her zip comes down on it’s own! Her clothes appear to be being removed by some invisible force. She is seduced, bitten and transforms into a Vampire. The mother then awakes into this nightmare fraught by the need to eat her baby. She devours the child, eating it’s flesh, blood all over her face. The music is intense and contemporary classical. This act will have you sitting on the edge of your seat

Sophie - Legs 11

LEGS 11.11

A classically trained dancer and professional actress, Legs 11.11 is big on telling a good story
and loves creating epic acts that blow her audience… (out of the water!) Has anyone ever seen
11.11 on a digital clock? When we see it, it makes us feel good, feel in the moment, feel like nothing else matters. Be sure to take note of how Legs 11.11 makes you feel. By being profoundly unique & quirky, she blinds her audience with some sexy slap stick, whilst subliminally encouraging one and all to throw down their weapons and dare to be one-one-one-one.

Sophie X Fuctor


Oolarlar Lular is blatantly unsexy, grotesque, wears the neck brace and is a complete and utter dag. She is totally loveable yet very, very wrong. She sees the world in a different light and we see her as a victim in a superficial, materialistic, unbalanced world. She aims to make her audiences feel uncomfortable and puts a finger up at an industry that doesn’t appreciate the unique individual. Her neck brace is her safety blanket and in all of her acts she is forced to take it off and transform into something stronger, sexier and alive. She should come across as me making political commentary of some sort, otherwise she should just give up and go home!

Sophie - Classic Burlesque


Sophie has a classic act inspired by the house wives of the 1950s. A housewife is going about her daily chores bored and is inspired by the African artefacts she is dusting. She dances around her house like an African woman. Inspired by the 1962 Italian film ‘Eclipse’, written and directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and starring Monica Vitti, and Sophie’s recent passion for African dance.
Sophie also has a 1950s cat routine with fur costume, mask and tail. Our cat growls at the audience and seduces them with her long tail… But a bird swoops in and distracts her. She catches it and eats it and then gets back to her audience for a tassel twirl finale.
Sophie’s newest creation is inspired by the sensational swinging 60s, it’s like she’s straight
out of the party scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Using music from James Bond, this is a powerful act that really draws from 1950s-60s classic burlesque stars such as Blaze Starr and Lili St Cyr. The costume is exquisite (pictured).

Oolarlar Lular Burlesque Act


Oolarlar Lular is feeling rather ‘special’ today. She has decided to build up the courage to audition for the Xfuctor! She listens to the Pretenders ‘I’m Special’ song through her disc man, mouthing the words and waits awkwardly in the green room. When she gets called in, she is put through the painful rigmarole of the ‘audition process’ for the first time. She comes across as innocent and yet incredibly stupid. The judges scrutinise her every move and mock her in her attempt to do a good audition. They finally ask her to take her neck brace off and she just can’t do it. The audience clap her on encouragingly and she brings herself to it but the music turns dark and twisted and a bizarre Xfuctor exorcism takes place. Witness Oolarlar Lular’s unusual burlesque story, of a grotesque woman trying to realise her potential in the competitive and corrupt world of show biz.