Shep has been on the stage for as long as he can remember. In the late 1980s and early 90s he was an acrobat, fire eater and juggler with a 3 man clown act, Circus in a Suitcase.
In the mid 90’s Shep was one of the world’s elite street performance artists, performing his unique blend of family friendly circus and sideshow on the streets and at festivals in 26 countries. Around the turn of the century Shep was a founding member and front man of The Happy Sideshow, Australia’s Premiere Freakshow.
These days Shep offers a wide range of performance options, he is one of Australia’s most amicable MCs, his street shows still wow audiences where ever he performs and his sideshow stunts are second to none, all originals, designed to shock, amaze, astound and amuse.



Shep - Sideshow

Shep is the godfather of Australian Sideshow. As a founding member of The Happy Sideshow he is responsible for establishing and popularising sideshow as a genre in this country. Shep has spent the last 20 years travelling the globe spreading the gospel of Sideshow. He has performed his original Sideshow stunts in 26 countries, in stadiums in front of 20,000 people and in tiny tents for ten people at a time. Shep has made Sideshow mainstream, he has starred in four seperate shows at The Sydney Opera House, graced the stage of the National Theatre in London and made numerous TV appearances, most recently with Tim Rodgers on Studio at the Memo. His stunts are designed to shock and amaze, but they are done with such poise, wit and slick professionalism they become almost inspirational.
Book Shep for a night you will find very hard to forget!



Shep - MC

Shep is a natural communicator and facilitator. These traits and 20 years experience on the stage have combined to make him on of Australia’s most amicable MCs.
Shep hosts the Main Stage at Moomba each year introducing the cream of the Australian music scene.
He was also the host of the Main Stage at Fed Sq for the Commonwealth Games back in 2006. For 5 years in a row Shep was the Mc of the Circus Bigtop at Glastonbury Festival in the UK.
Shep is the most sought after compere in the Australian circus, caberet and burlesque world. He is currently MCing regularly at The Burlesque Bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne and hosting The League of Sideshow Superstars as they perform around the country
A good host can make an ordinary event a memorable one.
From community carols by candle light to a big rock concert or a corporate Christmas party Shep will add calm, confident, class to any event.


Street Show

Shep  - Street Show

Shep has been performing his unique blend of family friendly circus and sideshow stunts on the streets of the world since 1990.
Shep can offer two different street shows, both are tight funny crowd pleasers.
In one show Shep lies on the worlds only Bed of Forks, and has an audience member drop a bowling ball from a step ladder onto a dinner plate on his stomach. Its explosive!
In the other show Shep balances on top of a 3 meter pole and performs a comedy juggling routine.
Both shows have lots of jokes, a little whip cracking, some great yo-yo tricks and one big acrobatic stunt.
Shep incorporates what can only be described as urban clowning into his performances and his audiences often squeal with delight at his antics.
Either of these shows are perfect for any community fair, festival or event.