Shannon was a competitive USAG gymnast before leaving the sport to pursue the circus arts. She was trained in both the US and Canada, under Cirque du Soleil coaches Victor Fomine (swinging trapeze) and Veronique Thibeault (duo trapeze). She is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, although she travels internationally on a regular basis, including presentations in Italy, Germany and China. Shannon specializes in acrobatic aerial numbers that allow her to combine her acrobatic skills and physical strength with her dance training to present well-rounded and stunning acts, including Aerial Silks, Aerial Ring, Duo Trapeze and Russian Bar. In 2007, she performed her swinging trapeze act at the International Circus Festival “Citta di Latina” in Italy. Her duo trapeze number has been presented not only at the festival in Latina in 2010, where they won the press award, but also a bronze medal in the Wuqiao Circus Festival in China in 2011, and appeared on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” season six (2011).


Aerial Silks

Shannon Silks

Shannon moves with ease on colorful strips of fabric, where she performs a series of ceiling-to-floor drops as well as graceful, contortion-like movements and poses. Each skill flows from one into the next as she uses the fabric to wrap, fall, swing, and suspend her body into and out of each motion. While most powerful when performed in venues with up to 10 meters of height, this act can easily be adjusted to suit venues as low as 6.5 meters.

Russian Bar

Shannon Russian Bar

A breath-taking, audience-thrilling act guaranteed to elicit gasps from spectators, whether presented as a comedy act, or a fast-paced acrobatic number. This group act involves two bases balancing a flexible bar on their shoulders, with Shannon standing on the bar, bouncing and performing aerial tricks before landing back on the bar!

Aerial Ring

Shannon Aerial Ring

Shannon performs a variety of trapeze-like elements in the hoop suspended from the air. Current acts include a sexy and evocative Latin-themed number, as well as a fast-paced, fun and quirky piece. Easily customizable to fit any event or occasion, aerial ring is also easy to rig, and easily adjustable to a variety of ceiling heights.