Rob has created a modern fire dance company that produces state of the art fire & pyrotechnic performances of all sizes. With shows that incorporate contemporary dance with acrobatics, physical theater, original costumes & technical fire tricks. Delivering cutting edge acts that combine special effects with artistic stage decoration, intelligent lighting, interactive multimedia & stunning pyrotechnics. Collaborating with some of the world’s best fire performers to produce unique world class acts.
Rob has been performing around Australia for the past 8 years captivating audiences with the ancient art of fire dance, delivering its high standard of performances with passion and dynamic energy. Originating from Cairns, his performances have taken him all around the country & internationally.


Fire Performer

Rob - Fire performer

In this artsy world class act you will see some of the most daring and unbelievable fire tricks performed with a dynamic stage presence that will put a smile on even the most stubborn ‘hard to impress’ audience members face.
Featuring an array of unique fire props, elaborate metalwork stage decor and state of the art fire dance with a finale that guarantees the audience erupts in a simultaneous cheer! We like to leave this part a surprise, but in the finale of the show the performer performs with 7 fire staffs, on fire at the same time!!
This feature show can be presented as a regular stage act or a street theatre style act which incorporates spruiking and comedy. Perfect for festivals, busking festivals, circus productions, TV and corporate events that require an amusing yet impressive high calibre act with great character.
This act is recognised by the world wide fire arts industry as being one of the most unique fire staff acts in the world.
To make this incredible act even more ‘jaw dropping’ and Spectacular add stage pyrotechnics and/or special FX. See it to believe it!
Fire acts available as a solo, duo or group performance.


Fire Special FX

Rob - Special FX

These great additions to fire acts add that extra something special and do not require special permits as pyrotechnics do. See the amazing Dragon’s Breath (BIG fire FX) and the magic dust (pretty sparkles) to add spectacular magic to the show.
These Special FX are safer, more impressive than fire breathing and take a fire show to the next level. Special FX are highly recommended in all fire shows!

Human Pyro

Rob - Human Pyro

This unique MAXIMUM impact display will bring a spectacular and unforgettable moment to your event. Human pyrotechnics use ‘cold’ effects that are free from hot sparks and safe for the performer. They have a very low smoke output and are suitable for indoors and stage shows. Rob is the only performer in Australia who has years of experience in and specialises in the Human Pyro shows. We can provide a range of theatrical pyrotechnic characters and styles of equipment to suit any event.

Pyro Spectacular

Rob - Pyro Spectacular

An elaborate show that is perfect for big festivals and high-class corporate events. This show starts off with a slow mesmerizing feel, progressing into an epic display of fire and pyrotechnics. Incorporating high impact choreographed fire dancing, with theatre elements , fire costumes, intricate stage decor, multimedia, lasers, lighting and visual projections.
Productions require a long setup time and a larger space than a troupe show, contact us for more details.

The Pyro Temple

Rob - Pyro Temple

Currently the largest show we have on offer, a massive scale collaborative production . This show is one of the world’s most spectacular fire and pyrotechnic theatre productions available. It features ..
– Full-scale pyrotechnic musical
– Large-scale interactive art installation and elaborate stage decor
– Massive flame effects
– State of the art live projections and project mapping
– A full scale epic laser show
– Fully choreographed cirque/fire theatre show and a lot more stunning surprises!
The Pyro Temple requires a long setup time, quite a large space and no overhead obstacles (open air), contact us for more details.