Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Mitchell has worked his way up from grass roots fire performer to World Class Entertainer. Mitchell has been performing professionally since New Year’s Eve 2008 when he performed for Auckland’s Sky City Casino. Since then he has toured around New Zealand with Circus Aotearoa, performed at a Cirque Du Soleil cast party, at the Commonwealth Games in India and the Rugby World Cup 2011, was the Artist Liaison for 42 Below Vodka’s Carnival 42, has produced his own variety cabaret and has stage managed for a host of other shows.
Mitchell received Rave reviews after headlining for Lily Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret presents “Voix De Ville” in Auckland and was part of the cast of The Church of Wonders Cabaret during its sell-out season at the Perth Fringe World 2014.
Mitchell has just returned from Mexico where he was performing Straps as the closing act for Robert’s International Circus in Feria Leon and is now based on Australia’s central coast where he teaches Aerial straps and silks at the Lee Academy of Dance in between international contracts.
“His athleticism, power and artistry … takes our breath away and leaves us speechless at the end of his set”
– Lexie Mathieson



Mitchell - Straps
PHOTO: Lynelle Munns Photography

Aerial Straps is one of the most physically demanding circus disciplines. It requires massive amounts of upper body strength and takes influence from gymnastics roman rings. A traditional Straps act is a show-case of balletic grace and astonishing physical power.
Acts can be catered to any theme and can last up to 7 minutes.


This contemporary aerial act takes a dark look into our vices and addictions and tells the story of a man’s love/hate relationship with alcohol. This act was the headlining act from Lilly Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret presents Voix De Ville and received rave reviews from and
Music: Gogol Bordello – Alcohol Length: 5:00


The Circus Strongman
A stalwart of the traditional circus, the Strongmen were renowned for their big bushy moustaches, bulging biceps and, of course, their incredible Feats of Strength. This comedic take on the circus archetype is perfect for all circus themed and family friendly events, The Strongman will entertain and amuse with his physical comedy, massive muscles and awesome feats of strength.
Music: Vangelis – Chariots of Fire Length: 3:27

Strongman Hand Balancing

hand Balance wm

The Strongman Hand Balancing
You load 16 tonnes and what do you get? An audience that is amazed and astounded by the Strongman’s incredible Strength and Balance and watch in astonishment as the Strongman defies sensibility as he has a concrete block smashed to pieces on his stomach!
Be amazed as the Strongman stacks piles of real clay bricks and balances on top of them and just when you think the act is over, there’s a twist ending that will have you falling off your seat in fits of laughter.


Crate Stack Hand Balancing

crates wm

Hand balancing takes years of training to master requiring the strength of an Olympiad, the balance of an acrobat and the poise of a ballet dancer.
Acts can be catered to any theme and can last up to 5 minutes.
Be astounded as the Circus Strongman, Mitchell Pitch creates all manner of shapes while balancing on top of a dangerously unstable monolith built out of unstable boxes.


Bed of Nails wm

Bed of Nails
Think you’ve seen a bed of nails act before? Think again. Mitchell pushes the limits of his body and the boundaries of pain tolerance by balancing his entire body weight on the bed of nails using nothing but his bare hands!

Fire Performer

Mitchell - Fire Performer

Mitchell offers incredible fire shows ranging from a five minute solo acts to a full 30 minute group spectacular combining elements of dance, theatre and circus and has been hired by Cirque Du Soleil, Westfield and the Commonwealth Games for fiery displays.
Options include:
– Roving
– Meet and greet
– Stage Spectacular – Fire-eating
Fire Breathing on requests at an additional expense
Safety to our performers and customers is of utmost importance to us and all of our performers will arrive with all necessary safety equipment including fire towels and extinguishers.
Copies of our fire safety plan are available from our website and performers Public Liability Insurance is available upon request.
To aid us in keeping your guests safe we request your assistance in keeping guests at a safe distance of at least 3m from our performers.


Burlesque Fire Act

Fire wm

Suit of Flames
Looking for something a little risque and unusual? Witness the World’s only flaming burlesque act where the clothes are burnt off piece by piece in this sauve and sophisticated male tease act.

Strongman Character

Mitchell - Strongman

A stalwart of the traditional circus, the Strongmen were renowned for their big bushy moustaches, hairy chests and, of course, their incredible Feats of Strength. This roving character is part Victorian strongman, part Russian gymnast, part Freddy Mercury and all comedy. Perfect for all circus, 1950’s and Victorian themed events, The Strongman will entertain and amuse with his physical comedy, bulging muscles and awesome feats of strength.
“the epitome of the strongman”
– Lexie Mathieson


Mitchell - Jester Character

The medieval Jester is a merry master of mayhem and will delight and tease any audience with humourous pranks and mischievous hijinks as well as entertaining with impressive juggling, slapstick tumbling and demonstrations of unicycle jousting. This cheeky larrikin is now available for stilt-walking, roving and is perfect for parades, medieval fairs and all family friendly events.