With Australia’s leading female sideshow performer, Lilikoi you are in for a treat. This amazing, charismatic, circus performer has tantalised audiences worldwide with her unique breed of circus/sideshow/burlesque. Founder of Opposable Thumbs, Parasouls, Kaos Kreepshow, Good Kissing Carrion and performing member of The League of Sideshow Superstars, Circus vs Sideshow, and Sideshow Wonderland. Lilikoi is unique and in demand.


Hula Hoops

Lilikoi Hula Hoops

Famous for wowing audiences around the globe, with a lifetime of performance experience, you are sure to be impressed. Lilikoi Kaos can cater for any event. Fun, quirky, naughty and nice. Using upbeat, energetic and catchy music she swivels, twists and throws 1,2,3,4 and 5 hoops, finishing in a 50-hoop finale. Or go for an international favorite ‘Minnie the Moocher’, the routine which’s helped make Lilikois name and has been requested worldwide and has lived up to it’s reputation. ‘Minnie the Moocher’ creates the mood of early burlesque traditions with a modern edge. With the allure of a striptease without nudity and infused with high-level circus skills, this is a polished and enticing routine. Lilikoi Kaos enters as a sultry femme fatale smoking, hooping and slowly undressing. Once the reveal is complete, the routine becomes an upbeat hula-hooping extravaganza.


Sideshow Acts

Lilikoi Sideshow

With Lilikoi, Australia’s leading female sideshow performer, you are in for a treat. This amazing, charismatic, circus performer has tantalised audiences worldwide with her unique blend of circus/sideshow/burlesque. Lilikoi Kaos and her plethora of sideshow routines from ‘Housewife Sideshow’, ‘Workwoman Sideshow’, ‘Mans world escape’ and more, will have you cheering for more whilst wincing with shock. All her routines are ridiculously saucy and mind-boggling. This pain proof pin-up whets your appetite for the bizarre. Watch as she hammers 6 inch nails up her nose, sets mouse traps off on her tongue, eats glass, pushes a running power-drill up her nasal cavity, lays on a bed of nails and more. (Number and type of stunts can be negotiated for each event), all performed with a winning smile.

Burlesque Acts

Lilikoi Burlesque Acts

Spice up your burlesque night with something a little more unusual. Lilikoi has been blending circus, sideshow and burlesque for years. She combines the tease and seduction of burlesque with sharp and precise circus skills (hula-hoops or trapeze), or interesting and bizzare sideshow skills. All of Lilikoi’s burlesque routines open with the impression of a straight up burlesque number, and then turn into something unique, unusual and memorable.

Dance Trapeze

Lilikoi Dance Trapeze

Lilikoi is also a beautiful aerialist. Specialising in ‘single-point’ spinning, dance trapeze. Her acts are versatile and range from upbeat, high-energy swing routines that get the audience’s feet tapping with the rhythm, to vintage sexy and sultry routines. Highly skilled and almost unbearably charismatic.



Eugena, a comedy character who has taken on a life of her own. Everybody’s favourite science nerd, her ‘Planetary Education Program’ has a growing fan club. Appearing at clubs, cabarets, festivals and burlesque nights around the world she has made audiences wince with awkward giggles before roaring with laughter. Her favourite number is 8 and it will be yours by the end of the act too.