Kathryn performs as a dancer, aerialist and contortionist and has choreographed and taught dance and circus throughout Australia. In 2006 Kathryn graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Dance.
Most recently Kathryn has performed as a resident aerialists for the Australian Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China.
Kathryn is a founding member of Rogue a dance collective group from Melbourne and has been part of their show’s Rogue, presented in 2009 as part of the Dance Massive Season at the Malthouse Theatre and at the 2008 Next Wave Festival with Ocular Proof and The Counting.
Kathryn has created and performed works with independent artist Steph Hutchison for the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Short Sweet and Dance in Sydney and has been commissioned by the Victorian Arts Centre to create a work for their 2007 Chookas Kids Festival.
Kathryn has performed at various Festivals and Cabarets as well as corporate events around Australia in both circus and dance and has worked with Liquid Skin Theatre Physical, Phunktional Dance Theatre, Natalie Cursio, Blue Circus Studios and Retina Productions.
Kathryn continues to perform nationally and internationally with world the renowned company Strange Fruit having performed in The Spheres and The Field.



Kathryn SIlks

Billowing fabric hung from the air Kathryn performs an array of twists and drops high up in the air. Combined with dancing and flexibility, Kathryn’s acts are beautiful and flowing.
With space permitting Kathryn can incorporate dancing on the ground into the silks act.
Current acts-
The Butterfly: Soft and flowing silks act, utilising tai chi movements, interwoven with contortion and balletic movements.
High Dive: Classic glamour from the early years. Gorgeous retro costume. Kathryn swims through the air and dives from heights all whilst keeping her swimming cap intact.
Tissue act variations-
(1) With strong training in dance Kathryn offers a ballet based tissue act incorporating all the classics of ballet.
(2) A contemporary routine that utilizes her ability to bend in weird ways
(3) Energized tissue acts suitable for nightclubs, that includes sharp movements and fun and unusual holds.



Kathryn Contortion

Combining contortion holds with dance Kathryn gracefully bends into the extreme. With the ability to skip through her arms, and scratch her head with her feet and her legs- lets just say they keep on bending. She will leave your guests amazed, confused, a wishing they could bend in half to. With dazzling costumes Kathryn will impress.

Contortion act variations-
(1) Combining neo classical ballet and contortion Kathryn performs dancing en pointe and bending into a mixture of classic dance and over the top bending.
(2) Quirky dance and contortion act, incorporating contemporary dance and a wide range of contortion holds and contorted movements, Kathryn will bend and twist along the stage.