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Jodie who has over 16 years experience, performing an enormous variety of stilt-walking acts, all over the world can also offer ten stilt walkers who have performed in 570 cities and towns worldwide.
All of our stilt walkers love performing, and thrive on providing the very highest quality of entertainment with our unique ‘larger than life’ characters. Our team are professionally trained dancers and performers, specialising in beautiful movement and large scale puppetry. Our acts are known for their complex and visually spectacular designs, and for the performers heartwarming audience interaction.
We love the performing life-style. It envelopes us in a great variety of festivals and celebrations, and we feel very privileged to be invited to so many incredible events.


Living Statues

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Statues – Melbourne
These living greek style statues add an element of elegance. People can’t help but be intrigued by these gorgeous figurines. Our gorgeous goddess statues will keep their audience guessing. “Are they real?”
We can use our own performers, or we can paint you and your friends! If you can imagine yourself all shiny and silver, step on up. We have four statue costumes, which are especially designed to go with a variety of different body types. Sizes 4 – 12.
4 statues available.

Stilt Characters


Electra Android – Sydney
Shining high at 13 foot tall, Electra Android is a scientific masterpiece. Decked out entirely in chrome, and built in a complex arrangement of hundreds of moving parts, Electra will dazzle you. With her dexterous hands and electronically twinkling eyes, she investigates this strange planet Earth, and all of it’s even stranger occupants. Children aged 5 and up simply adore Electra, eagerly waiting their turn to control her with her remote.
Height : Electra is 4 meters tall.


Elephants wm

Dali Elephants – Melbourne
Created by CircaNICA, these Elephants were designed in the image of Salvador Dali’s elephants, for the opening of the Dali Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. The elephants are mesmerising as they defy gravity, gently wandering around on their long spindly legs.
Heights : Elephants are 3.5 meters tall.


HotPink wm

Hot Pink – Melbourne
Saturated in the hottest of the pinks and shimmering metallic, these professional dancers are trained in the art of wings and stilts. These gorgeous women will glide, twirl and dazzle their way through and above their admirers.
Hot Pinks on stilts can also be accompanied by a Hot Pink winged dancer on the ground, creating an artistic blending of levels.
Height : 5 meters tall.

Flamingo wm

Flamingos – Melbourne
Feathers and flounce. Opulently lavish. The embodiment of elegance.
These stilt dancers move with a fluid grace that draws both the eye and the camera. If you come in close, they might gently nuzzle you, or fan you with their resplendent feather wings.
Height : Flamingos are 3 meters tall.