Hannah has been performing in circuses for over a decade. She began as a founding member of Brisbane’s Flipside Circus at age 9 and in 2009 graduated from the National Institute of Circus Arts (Melbourne) with a Bachelors Degree in Circus Arts. Her training has spanned a broad range of disciplines including acrobatics, aerial skills, dance, drama, martial arts and music. Hannah’s prime disciplines are German wheel, hula hoops, solo static trapeze and duo trapeze (static and swinging). One major highlight of her career was performing to 100,000 people in the Sydney Festival First Night 2010. She aims to continue being immersed in the professional circus world for years to come.


German Wheel

Hannah German Wheel

This stunning display of strength, flexibility and grace will leave you astonished. Ever moving and filling the room, Hannah never fails to please the crowd. An absolute joy to watch, German Wheel is a must have at any circus soiree.


The Trick PoniesComedy/Trapeze Duo Swinging/Static

The Trick Ponies, Hannah & Caz

Giddy up and watch these posh, pompous dressage jockeys as they trot around the ring. Galloping and neighing as they perform incredible manoeuvres on the swinging trapeze. Which one is the rider and which one is the horse? No one really knows. All we know is that these two will leave you rolling, or should I say bucking in the aisles. These characters perform together on a static or swinging trapeze, demonstrating amazing feats of strength and advocating team work. The act is best suited for cabarets and festivals.
The Jockeys can also be used as roving characters, trotting around festivals or events performing ridiculous dressage routines, comedy and acrobatics.

Classic – Trapeze Duo Swinging/Static

Hannah & Caz Duo Trapeze static & Swinging

Hannah and Caz also perform beautifully choreographed duo static or duo swinging trapeze routines. These unique ladies perform amazing feats of strength unlike any other female duo, while remaining graceful and elegant.

Single PointTrapeze Duo Static

Hannah & Caz Duo Trapeze

In this act the audience watches in awe as Hannah and Caz execute a mesmerising sequence of symmetrical tricks on a trapeze hung with both ropes from one point. Ever rotating the girls weave and fold themselves around each other in a stunning display of strength, flexibility and synchronicity.