Emma S

Emma S

Emma fell in love and has been chasing her obsession of becoming a circus artist since the age of nine. Beginning her career as a performer for the much-loved youth troupe, Flipside Circus. After acquiring a large variety of skills including various aerial apparatuses, hula hoops and tumbling, together with an impressive performing repertoire, including Strut and Fret production House, numerous performances at Adelaide Fringe Festival and Woodford Folk Festival, She left Brisbane in order to pursue her passion for circus. Now armed with a Bachelor of Circus Arts from The National Institute of Circus arts and specialty skills such as aerial net and hula hoops, together with hoop diving and general acrobatics, Emma hopes to impress and entertain audiences around the globe. Her wide range of experience in a variety of circus arts makes Emma an excellent choice as a performer because her professional approach to all things circus will always be enriched with passion and love for the art.


Aerial Net

Emma Aerial Net

Act 1. ‘Sammy the Salmon’
Sammy the Salmon is a comedy aerial act that comprises of a cute salmon fish and her predicament of being caught in a net. Sammy the Salmon performed by Emma is a unique family friendly act that will have members of all age groups laughing and be especially entertained.

Act 2. ‘Captured’
Captured is a fast and furious aerial net routine where a female army officer is captured by the enemy. In her attempt to escape she discovers she is badly wounded and almost surrenders herself to the aerial net by twisting, flipping and dropping in and around the apparatus, but determination and perseverance supersede and in a state of utter exhaustion she manages to escape.

Aerial Net Meet and GreetSiren of the Sky


Enter a charmed world where the sea meets the sky. A mystical enchantress lies in an aerial net suspended from the heavens. This atmospheric aerial piece will take your breath away as artist Emma Shepherd performs entangling aerial feats suspended above her audience. This mermaid inspired act can be accompanied by an atmospheric soundscape, with a stunningly mesmerising costume to match; “Siren of the Sky” will prove to be an amazing addition to any gallery or venue as an instillation art piece or standalone act for your next corporate event.

Hula Hoops

Emma S Hula Hoops

‘Cinnamon Girl’
This jam-packed, action filled routine is the result of a stage frightened girl being taken over by hula hoops. This six minute performance is suitable for all ages and is highly skilled. With lots of hysteria and frenetic involved, this high energy highly skilled routine will leave you entertained and wondering if the hoops have a mind of their own.