Photo: Darius Kuzmickas


At 11 years old, Elizabeth took her first circus course with Michel Rousseau and never stopped since then. She trained many years at the circus school “École de Cirque de Québec”.
Elizabeth was part of the creation of Cirque Eos in Canada and its first show ‘Imaginaire’, performing the aerial cube act that won a silver medal at the Festival ‘La Piste aux Espoirs’ (1998) in Belgium.
Elizabeth became an artist of Cirque du Soleil for the show ‘Quidam’ in 2002, touring in United States and Japan for 540 shows. In September 2005, Elizabeth returned to Cirque du Soleil for the creation of the show ‘The Beatles Love’ in Las Vegas. Until June 2008, she accomplished 980 representations on the rope act (‘Here comes the sun’) and the bungee act (‘Get back’).
Besides aerial and contortion, Elizabeth likes do to handstands, hand to hand and some acrobatics.


Aerial Ring‘Ling’

Elizabeth "Ling" Aerial Ring

Inspired from Japanese cartoons, Ling is a young girl who likes flowers. She never leaves home without 1 or 2 in her hands. One day, she sees an aerial game and will try it, grabbing the hoop and her little precious things however she can to put neither away.
Looking to renew an aerial apparatus well known, Elizabeth elaborated an act with her best distinctive manners: to give a focus on her feet and to develop weird movements.
Ling has many significations in Chinese: zero, a bell, the sound of a bell or Elizabeth’s name.

Aerial Ring

Elizabeth Aerial Ring

Elizabeth is mixing her flexibility and her strength to do this beautiful and inspiring act. Circus artists who have seen it are touched by the unusual way Elizabeth is moving from one movement to another.
Elizabeth performed for many years with an aerial hoop: she did more than 500 shows with Cirque du Soleil. In 2010, she performed this act for a TV program ‘La Vie est un Cirque’ 2010
She recently worked (January-February 2011) at the GOP Variete Münster.
Elizabeth likes to change music, costume and style. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any requests.


Elizabeth Armiarma

Photo: David Cannon

Armiarma means spider in Basque language.
Armiarma is the little journey of a cute and lovely spider on a flower. This original act is an association of contortion and acrobatics with funny moods, created in a refreshing new way.
During the summer 2007, Elizabeth presented her contortion act at the cabaret ‘Unplugged’ organized by Cirque du Soleil. Choreographed by the artist with Craig Berman, Ortzi Acosta and Emily Oldak.
With this act at ‘Startissimo’ 2009 – 7th International Dresden Variety and Circus Festival, Elizabeth won the ECA (European Circus Association) award and the Base Berlin creative award.
Since 2007, she performed many times the act Armiarma, the most recent gig was in 2010, 2 months at the GOP Variete Hannover.

Contortion‘Shangri La’

Elizabeth Shangri La

This act is an ongoing project. It is inspiring from her origin (Chinese) and the practice of yoga. Elizabeth wanted something simple and at the same time incredible. This results in a beautiful and harmonius contortion frontbend act. Elizabeth tried the first draft in 2009 in Italy.
She performed this act on a tv program ‘La vie est un Cirque’ 2010
Also that year, she had the opportunity to show her talent along with a live music from the chamber orchestra ‘Les Violons du Roy’.